The Hidden Gems: Unusual Holiday Cottages in Dorset

A journey to England isn’t complete without a visit to the picturesque county located in the southwest, Dorset. Famous for its verdant landscapes and astounding coastline, Dorset is a fantastic destination for those seeking some peace and tranquility. However, what you may not know is that nestled within this beautiful county are some truly outstanding holiday cottages – hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Here’s an exploration of some of the most unique and unusual holiday cottages in Dorset.

The moment you enter Dorset, your senses are greeted by the heavenly scent of wildflowers, the splash of magical rivers, and the exuberant lush woods that pierce the sky. In between these spells of natural beauty, you encounter a beautiful range of cottages that bear silent witness to the county’s Georgian architectural heritage.

One such hidden gem is ‘The Clock House.’ Buried deep in the Dorset countryside, this 18th-century abode is designed on the quaint resettlement style cottage layout, fusing it with contemporary architectural aesthetics. The cottage offers a tranquil getaway with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes from every window. A winding rustic staircase takes you to cosy bedrooms, and the garden is perfect for a summer barbecue or a serene autumn afternoon with a warming cup of tea.

Next on our list is the ‘Treehouse Hideaway,’ which, just as the name suggests, is a treehouse heaven tucked away in the woods of Dorset. Visiting this unique cottage offers an opportunity back in time to childhood fantasy, with the luxury and comfort of a modern-day accommodation. It’s perched amidst treetops and offers views across the neighboring countryside and Jurassic Coast. You have all the modern amenities at your disposal, plus a wood-burning fire for those chilly evenings. The wrap-around balcony ensures you never miss out on the panoramic beauty Dorset offers.

Another unusually charming holiday retreat in Dorset is the authentic ‘Railway Cottage.’ Located on an old railway line, the cottage has been tastefully restored and converted into a stunning holiday home. The old railway carriage, now a separate bedroom, and the main building overlooking a private steam railway line invoke a sense of nostalgia with a unique holiday cottages in dorset blend of rustic and modern designs.

If you are looking for a detox vacation, you might fancy the ‘Eco Cabin,’ a sustainable, solar-powered lodge situated amidst the verdant greenery of Purbeck Hills. The cabin is decorated with the finest locally sourced timber and furniture. Simplicity is the driving force behind the Eco Cabin’s design, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature while leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

Situated in a secluded valley in the midst of lush farmlands, ‘The Hollow’ is another unconventional holiday accommodation. Resembling the imagery from a storybook, this fairy-like mushroom house is one of the quirkiest in Dorset. From the rounded door to timber furnishings and log burner stove, its amusing design touches are perfectly synchronized with the gentle beauty of its surroundings.

Dorset’s ‘Underhill,’ an earth-sheltered self-catering cottage, rounds out our list of unusual holiday homes. Mimicking the style of a Hobbit House, it’s carved into the side of a hill, providing you with comfortable, eco-friendly accommodation. Surrounded by orchards, and with a wildflower roof that blends seamlessly into the landscape, Underhill provides an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Staying in any of these unusual holiday cottages in Dorset isn’t just about having a place to sleep; it’s an adventure in itself. They each offer a unique charm that enhances your impression of this naturally beautiful county, providing you with unforgettable memories of your visit to England’s hidden gem, Dorset.